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N.A. OEM Classes 5-8 Build and Retail Sales

ACT’s State of the Industry: North America OEM Classes 5-8 Build and Retail Sales is one of ACT’s most in-demand reports. As we aggregate information in the majority of our reports, this resource allows for greater insights into production and sales by manufacturer.

SOI: North America OEM Classes 5-8 Build and Retail Sales

Gaining insights into specific commercial vehicle manufacturers’ production, sales, and market share* is what makes the State of the Industry: N.A. OEM Classes 5-8 Build & Retail Sales report so popular. Through this report, subscribers gain access to more granular detail than in the N.A. Classes 5-8 Vehicles report. N.A. OEM Classes 5-8 Build and Retail Sales is a monthly state of the industry report that covers the building and retail sales of Classes 5, 6, 7, and 8 trucks for North America. This report will supply vital information to create an understanding of the current month’s build, retail sales, as well as year-over-year and year-to-date information relative to classes 5, 6, 7, and 8, respectively.

The types of businesses that should be interested in the State of the Industry: N.A. OEM Classes 5-8 Build and Retail Sales report include commercial vehicle manufacturers and suppliers, as well as those investing in the OEMs and the supply chain, or companies involved in the movement/logistics of freight that have a need to analyze the market for a select subset of OEMs and monthly build and retail sales indicators by OEM by country for Class 5 and Classes 6-7 chassis and Class 8 vehicles.

In addition to using this information and analysis for short-term planning and forecasting, market understanding and awareness, and informing management of the current health of the industry, manufacturers are also able to determine market share and keep track of changes in competitive dynamics. Investors use this product to create models, assess risk, and support their research, as well as understand the competitive landscape.

*Per our agreement with the OEMs, we publish market share data after quarterly financial earnings reports.

“I would recommend ACT as your number 1 ‘go to’ source for industry forecasts and just general industry knowledge…You cannot follow this industry, be part of this industry without knowing what ACT Research is saying…”

Mike Zimm

BMO Commercial Finance

More Than A Report

In addition to the report, subscribers gain access to:

  • Current Month Report
  • Current and YTD Flash
  • Classes 5-7 Retail Sales by OEM Table
  • Class 8 Retail Sales by OEM Table

  • Classes 5-7 Build by OEM Table

  • Class 8 Build by OEM Table

  • Build & Sales Days per Month Table
  • Presentation Ready Graph Pack with 40 Graphs
  • Glossary of Terms and Definitions

Presentation Ready Graphs

One of the most beneficial yet underrated added benefits to a subscription is the Graph Pack. Updated monthly, we pre-build more than 40 presentation-ready graphs for your benefit. With our decades of experience, we’ve pre-built the various scenarios needed for executive-level presentations.

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