Director, CV Transportation Analysis & Research

After receiving his B.S. from Bowling Green State University, Frank spent twelve years at a Fortune 150 company where his responsibilities included the North American Industry Forecast as well as other market analysis and market information responsibilities. While there, he also obtained an MBA from Western Michigan University.

Prior to joining ACT in 2011, Frank has been involved in the commercial vehicle industry for 18 years. He’s held analytical and product management roles at a major trailer OEM, a component supplier, as well as a supplier of commercial vehicle analysis and marketing solutions. As a past ACT customer, Frank also contributes a customer-oriented perspective to the organization.

Frank’s primary responsibilities involve commercial vehicle business development internationally with special emphasis on China. He is also ACT’s principal analyst for the U.S. trailer market. Along with all other ACT personnel, Frank is actively involved in developing and organizing ACT’s highly acclaimed semiannual seminars.

Frank Maly Speaking