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ACT Research produces executive series digest reports reviewing the transportation and trucking and the commercial vehicle dealer markets.

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Transportation Digest

ACT’s Transportation Digest is a monthly executive series report reviewing the transportation trends, equipment markets, and the economy as a whole. This report includes information relative to For-Hire, Trucking, Intermodal, and various truck class trends.

With this report, you will receive quarterly forecasts for the current and following year, as well as annual forecasts for the current and next 5 years. This report breaks the trailer industry down by components and raw materials, into structural components and undercarriage components. A high-level, executive overview is included as well.

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Commercial Vehicle Dealer Digest

ACT’s Commercial Vehicle Dealer Digest is a monthly report that analyzes the commercial vehicle heavy-duty production and retail sales. The Commercial Vehicle Dealer Digest provides information and insights into For-Hire, Trucking Sector Trends, Publically Traded Truckload Carriers, Intermodal trends, and more relevant information related to dealers.

With this report, you will receive monthly highlights on the commercial trucking sector trends, including those for publicly-traded truckload carriers, rail/intermodal, new Classes 5-8 trucks/tractors, used trucks, new trailers. It also includes:
  • quick-read graphs and explanatory captions covering the use of truck markets
  • transportation metrics
  • economics
  • energy prices
Additionally, this digest includes a forecast summary and forecast tables for the US and Canadian Classes 5-8 markets retail sales, as well as US trailer production forecast tables.
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Alternative Fuels Quarterly

ACT’s Alternative Fuels Quarterly is a quarterly report covering the price of alternative fuels and natural gas, information related to alternative fuels infrastructure, equipment, retail sales, and other important happenings.

With this report, you will receive trends, forecast, analysis, and details about alternative fuel prices, infrastructure, Class 8 NG retail sales (current and forecast), alternative fuel equipment/R&D, and highlights from ACT’s N.A. On-Highway Commercial Engine OUTLOOK. Additionally, we share an overview of the past alternative fuel news, special information about alternative fuel developments. This report comes with a spreadsheet linked to regulatory information with details of the current and pending regulations that will impact alt fuel-powered CV demand.

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