ACT’s Forecast Report Card: “A”

We believe we are correct in saying ACT Research won the "Triple Crown" of forecast accuracy in the three years leading up to December 2014. Take a look....

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ACT’s position on HOS Restart in Omnibus Spending Bill:

Assuming that the change in the reset provision was responsible for about half the 2.5% productivity impact of the original rule (ACT estimate), the rollback is likely to boost productivity in the tractor operating portion of the industry by around 1% to 1.5%, reducing the required tractor population by about 15k to 20k units.

Truck Fuel Payback Calculators

Truck fuel payback calculators take the mystery out of making the best fuel choice for the application.

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Subscribers – here’s how to use the website

Need help using the website? We've put together a short PowerPoint presentation so you won't miss anything.

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