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ACT’s Transportation Digest is an executive- and high-level overview of trends and the current market.

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Transportation Digest

Understanding the current commercial vehicle market is pertinent for so many businesses, but not everyone has the time to read a lengthy report on the state of the markets. Commercial vehicle and transportation business leaders need information for sales projections, budgeting, and additional reasons. That is why ACT Research developed the Transportation Digest, a monthly high-level overview of transportation trends, equipment markets, and the economy as a whole.

This report includes information relative to for-hire, trucking, intermodal, and various truck class trends. Designed with busy executives and business owners in mind, the Transportation Digest covers all the major industry news and trends, including a market outlook, all in the convenience of a quick, easy-to-read report. The types of businesses that subscribe to the Transportation Digest are those that need a quick, high-level overview document for their busy commercial vehicle industry executives, to collect a snapshot of the for-hire, trucking, intermodal, and various truck class trends to make better-informed decisions for the future of their business.

With this report, subscribers receive:

  • monthly highlights on trucking sector trends,
  • publicly-traded truckload carriers data,
  • rail/intermodal data.
  • new Classes 5-8 trucks/tractors.
  • used trucks, and
  • new trailers.

All with quick-read graphs and explanatory captions covering the used truck markets, transportation metrics, economics, and energy prices.

To receive ACT’s Transportation Digest, businesses must have a DOT # or subscribe to the N.A. Commercial Vehicle OUTLOOK.

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