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SOI: N.A. Classes 5-8 Vehicles Report & Data

ACT’s State of the Industry: North America Classes 5-8 Vehicles report and data is a cornerstone resource for the industry. Developed with key market indicator data provided by the OEMs, this report delivers both current market data and analysis, as well as historical data from 2000.

SOI: North America Classes 5-8 Vehicle Report & Data

Understanding the current commercial vehicle market is pertinent for so many businesses. For sales projections and budgeting and many more reasons, understanding the current state of the industry is why ACT Research developed it’s State of the Industry series, particularly the N.A. Classes 5-8 report.

The foundation of this report is the monthly data provided to ACT Research by the OEMs. This direct access to the manufacturers is critical to the report’s success and insights into the current market. ACT releases both preliminary and finalized numbers based on the OEMs data, as well as a complete report on the state of the industry.

Coverage of the bus and RV markets are included in this report and can be seen as critical for full market understanding. Not all production is trucks; thus, this coverage allows for a better, more clearly defined scope of the market.

One of the most important aspects of this report is the accompanying database. Historical data is available in Excel documents dating from 1996 to the present. With the monthly data provided by the OEMs, this report offers a rich data history that aids in model building and market intelligence for various companies.

Manufacturers use this information and analysis for short-term planning and forecasting, market understanding and awareness, and informing management of the current health of the industry. Investors use this product to create models, assess risk, and support their research. In addition to the market overview, this report provides commercial vehicle lenders and lease/rental companies the analysis to make operational decisions impacting portfolio and fleet size.

Monthly Market Indicators

Classes 5-8
  • Backlog
  • Build
  • Inventory
  • New Orders
  • Cancellations
  • Net Orders
  • Retail Sales

Market Segments

Classes 5-7
  • Trucks
  • Buses
  • RVs
  • Step Vans

Class 8

  • Truck Day Cab
  • Truck Sleeper
  • Tractor Day Cab
  • Tractor Sleeper

Market Insights

Addition Report Info & Data
  • Executive Summary
  • Rolling Six-Month Industry Build Plan
  • Backlog Timing Analysis
  • PowerPoint Graph Pack
  • Previous Month Preliminary Net Orders

“I would recommend ACT as your number 1 ‘go to’ source for industry forecasts and just general industry knowledge…You cannot follow this industry, be part of this industry without knowing what ACT Research is saying…”

Mike Zimm

BMO Commercial Finance

More Than A Report

In addition to the report, subscribers gain access to:

  • Current Month Report
  • Current & YTD Flash
  • Summary Observations of Two Previous Reports
  • Classes 5-8 Seasonally Adjusted Tables
  • Classes 5-8 Total Tables
  • Seasonal Factors Tables

  • Build & Sales Days per Month Table
  • Presentation Ready Graph Pack with 140+ Graphs
  • Glossary of Terms and Definitions

Presentation Ready Graphs

One of the most beneficial yet underrated added benefits to a subscription is the Graph Pack. Updated monthly, we pre-build more than 115 presentation-ready graphs for your benefit. With our decades of experience, we’ve pre-built the various scenarios needed for executive-level presentations.

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