Sr. Research Manager and Analyst

Jennifer joined ACT Research in September 2011 as office manager and was promoted to Research Analyst in December of 2012. In 2018, she became Senior Research Manager and Analyst.

After receiving her B.A. from Hanover College in Communication and History, Jennifer began her career in the travel and tourism industry, where she worked in a variety of positions for 8 years ending as the Tourism Director for her hometown in Indiana. Additionally, she spent 13 years as a member of the local and regional media industry, where she worked in both print and radio formats.

Getting an advanced degree was always a goal for her and in 2000, Jennifer earned her M.S.M. from Indiana Wesleyan University. She continues to enhance her knowledge and skills, most recently taking economics classes at the local community college, as well as other business, marketing, and communication-related training courses online.

Jennifer McNealy. ACT Research