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N.A. On-Highway Commercial Engine OUTLOOK

ACT’s N.A. On-Highway Commercial Engine Outlook is a report full of details and insights, in collaboration with our partners at Rhein Associates, breaking down the various engine aspects.

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N.A. On-Highway Commercial Engine Outlook

The Engine Outlook meant to aid those in the powertrain space of the commercial vehicle markets, allowing a better understanding of the competitive dynamics and shifting trends of the market through the deep level of detail. A quarterly report on the historical trends, current activity and forecasts of engine demand in on-highway commercial vehicles. The types of businesses that should be interested in the North America On-Highway Commercial Vehicle Engine Outlook are those business manufacturers in the commercial vehicle engine production supply chain, and any company following the investment value of engine OEMs and their suppliers. Other businesses are using this report to inform them of strategic planning for businesses with under-the-hood products impacted by shifts in engine spec’ing as well as financial modeling. Where ACT’s NA CV Outlook monthly report drills down to forecasts by vehicle type, the Engine OUTLOOK takes the top-line MD and HD forecasts from the Outlook report and breaks the market down by engine displacement. In addition to a 5-year forecast by engine displacement and captive versus independent market share, the report spends considerable time tracking the pipeline of new engine developments by OEM for medium duty and heavy duty markets and by fuel-type.

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More Than Just A Report

In addition to the report, subscribers gain access to:

  • HD Engine Breakdowns w/ Captive, Non Captive, Tractor, Captive Share %
  • MD Engine Breakdowns w/ Truck, Bus, RV, Chassis, Class 5
  • MD Engine Fuel Type Breakdowns
  • GHG2 Standards, Fuel Standards, Vocational Standards
  • Forecast Tables
  • Presentation Ready Graph Prack w/ 100 Graphs
  • Regulatory Environment Information

Presentation Ready Graphs

One of the most beneficial yet underrated added benefits to a subscription is the Graph Pack. Updated monthly, we pre-build 100 presentation-ready graphs for your benefit. With our decades of experience, we’ve pre-built the various scenarios need for executive-level presentations.

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Need More Actionable Intelligence?

Below are recommendations of complimentary reports and databases for analysis and understanding of the transportation and commercial vehicle markets. These reports provide additional data and insights to better understand the commercial vehicle supply to the market, as well as historical freight data. Utilizing these together can provide additional value.

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