ACT Research Co., LLC.

Our Data

ACT Research publishes 18 regular reports to provide market data, industry analysis, and forecasting to businesses in the commercial vehicles industry. These reports provide information to aide decision making for the future of their business. Get access to the data your business needs today.

Why ACT Research?

ACT Research is known for industry expertise and ease of accessibility to our clients. For over 30 years ACT Research has been the leader in commercial vehicle forecasting partnering with OEM’s to give businesses the ability to “peek around the corner” and see the short and long term progressions of the commercial vehicle market.

What Do We Do?

ACT Research is the trusted source for commercial vehicle original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and other business members of the commercial vehicle industry. ACT Research aggregates information from public and private databases, examines various economic trends, and utilizes years of industry experience to forecast the short and long term of the industry. The short term forecast gives businesses an opportunity to plan tactically for sales, expenses and other variables. The long term forecasts provide valuable information about the future state of the industry, allowing businesses to plan for the long term vitality of their business. In short, we provide information that helps major businesses better understand and plan the future of their business.

How Do You Get The Data?

ACT Research clients subscribe to the report(s) that best meet their needs. All reports are housed in a client portal that subscribers have access to. New clients are onboarded into the ACT system, walking them through their accessibility in the portal, given an overview of the report(s), and identifying key metrics they might monitor for their specific business. As the reports are published, our clients receive an email notification. The reports are able to be accessed at that time.

How Do I Subscribe?

It’s easy! Click the button below to get started. You can select the reports you’d like access to. Once completed, you’ll receive a message from our team Thanking You for your business. You’ll then be connected with our portal, given access and set up for your onboarding call.

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