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As the industry leader in commercial vehicle research, forecasting, and data aggregation, ACT Research has worked with dozens of organizations as consultants to address specific challenges and questions. With three decades of experience in the CV markets, ACT Research has unprecedented levels of understanding and knowledge to help any commercial vehicle member organization find solutions to their toughest challenges.
As the Commercial Vehicle subject matter experts, we are able to offer a variety of consulting roles to our clients including:
  • Various model building scenarios
  • Fleet utilization studies
  • Projecting total cost of ownership
  • Due Diligence for merger and/or acquisitions
Through our work, we have been able to give further assistance into the specific nature of our respective client’s needs as they meet various challenges in their businesses. Our team of experts is available for calls and live meetings to help your team find solutions.
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Our Clients Depend on ACT Research

Example Projects

Below are three examples of ACT Research’s Consultative Project performed with various clients over the past 2 years. Do you have questions that need to be answered? Contact ACT Research today for a free, no-obligation consultation analysis to see if our companies would be a fit to work together to answer those questions.

Commercial Vehicle Electrification Study

A 6 month study to assess the intermediate prospects and long-term potential of commercial vehicle electrification where we assessed base sase Commercial Electrical vehicle market volumes, battery technology, cost, storage, as well as government assistance and more variables that will impact electrification in the CV market.

American Truck Dealer Project

This project was commissioned by the American Truck Dealers (ATD), which is a division of the National Automobile Dealers Association, for the benefit of their constituents. The ATD is a legislative and regulatory advocate for the commercial vehicle industry in general and commercial dealers specifically. In addition, they serve as an educational resource and industry relations promoter.

Autonomy Project

This current project is ``in the works`` with the objective to understand the technology behind autonomous vehicle development. The end product of this study will be a body of work that will facilitate in-depth understanding of the technology and related issues for those considering developing, producing, or adopting autonomous commercial vehicles.