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China Commercial Vehicle OUTLOOK

In 2008, a partnership between ACT Research and China’s State Information Center was cemented by ACT President Kenny Vieth. This relationship provides information through ACT Research to forecast commercial vehicle demand in China for the benefit of Western companies interested in the Chinese market.


China Commercial Vehicle OUTLOOK

If you’re a company looking for insights into the Chinese commercial vehicle market, there is not another report quite like it. ACT’s China Commercial Vehicle OUTLOOK is a quarterly report that reviews the macroeconomics of China, as well as deep dive into the transportation environment and industrial policies that impact the Chinese commercial vehicle industry.

The types of business that should be interested in the ACT China Commercial Outlook are those businesses that are interested in transportation fuel/energy, manufacturing of alternative fuel for commercial vehicles, or supplying equipment or financing to companies using, considering, or developing alt-fuel equipment/commodities/infrastructure as it applies to the China CV market. Other businesses are using this report to inform them of business cycle timing, planning, and budgeting, employment, procurement, and financial modeling.

With this report, you will receive:

  • Macroeconomic analysis – current data and forecasts
  • Transport environment & industrial policies
  • Analysis of current MD and HD truck markets
  • Vehicle forecasts (by quarter for the current year and five-year annual forecast)
  • Competitive landscape
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“I would recommend ACT as your number 1 ‘go to’ source for industry forecasts and just general industry knowledge…You cannot follow this industry, be part of this industry without knowing what ACT Research is saying…”

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More Than A Report

In addition to the report, subscribers gain access to:

  • PDF’s of Previous Two Months Reports

  • Production Summary fo Classes 4-8 and Trailers
  • Classes 5-8 Retail Sales and Population Outlook
  • Population and Scrappage 1990-2024
  • Presentation Ready Graph Pack w/ 75 Graphs
  • Regulation Information
  • Forecasting 101 Workshop Recording

  • Glossary of Terms and Definitions

Presentation Ready Graphs

One of the most beneficial yet underrated added benefits to a subscription is the Graph Pack. Updated monthly, we pre-build 75 presentation-ready graphs for your benefit. With our decades of experience, we’ve pre-built the various scenarios need for executive-level presentations.

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Need More Actionable Intelligence?

Below are recommendations of complimentary reports for analysis and understanding of the heavy and medium duty truck and trailer markets. These reports segment the various categories and demand drivers further allowing for a deeper dive into commercial vehicle truck and equipment sales, transportation industry trends, and North American trucking. To gain even greater insights into the medium and heavy truck, trailer production, and transportation, utilize multiple reports on conjunction.

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