Commercial Vehicle & Transportation


Vehicle adoption rate, economic value proposition, and forecast.

ACT Research is engaging in a new, multi-client study forecasting commercial autonomous vehicles. Join us as we look at the future of commercial transportation with autonomous technology.


The Path to Autonomous

Working with our participants to define:

Annual Units, 2023-2040

Autonomous Population

  • Total Trucking Market Size
    • Population and Mileage Analysis, and Freight Rate Analysis & Forecasts of:
      • MD 4-7 Distribution
      • MD 4-7 Vocational
      • HD 8 Distribution
      • HD 8 OTR
      • HD 8 Vocational
  • On-highway trucking market size
    • Local versus highway freight rates
  • US, Canada breakdown
    • Local versus highway freight rates
  • US, Canada breakdown
  • Utilization
  • Labor productivity
    • Driver pay
    • Driver demographics
    • FMCSA Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse
  • Safety
    • Insurance
    • Liability
    • Network Security
  • Driver plus AI team model
  • Driver-out with off-highway support
  • Headhaul-only model

The Future of Transportation

In 2018, ACT Research developed a groundbreaking, bottom-up total cost of ownership model used for forecasting commercial electric vehicle adoption. Since then, ACT has been the go-to source for segment-level TCO and total addressable market (TAM) insights and analysis for Classes 4-8 vehicles.

Building on the foundation of ACT’s proprietary TCO modeling, we are now engaging in an autonomous commercial vehicle study with the objective of forecasting the adoption potential and segment-level use cases of autonomous commercial vehicles and the potential ramifications on local and over-the-road transportation.

ACT Research will perform independent research, as well as invite industry players to participate in this multi-client study. From OEMs and suppliers to autonomous technology partners and fleets, to regulatory bodies and other industry stakeholders, this study will rely on the insights of the market constituents to support ACT’s delivery of an economic analysis of the adoption of autonomous technology in commercial vehicles and transportation.

Join us as we investigate the future of over-the-road transportation in this multi-client study.