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The information we get from ACT…it’s crucial really to everything that we do. I would recommend ACT as your number 1 ‘go to’ source for industry forecasts and just general industry knowledge…You cannot follow this industry, be part of this industry without knowing what ACT Research is saying…

Mike Zimm

BMO Transportation Finance

Harness the Power of Data

Provided by truck and trailer OEMs, ACT Research data is direct from the source and published on a timely, consistent schedule.

We provide regularly updated forecasts of N.A. Classes 5-8 Vehicles, China Commercial Vehicles, Classes 5-8 On-Highway Engines, and Freight Rates and Volumes.

We provide regularly updated forecasts of N.A. Classes 5-8 Vehicles, China Commercial Vehicles, Classes 5-8 On-Highway Engines, and Freight Rates and Volumes.

ACT Research is engaged numerous times per year for consulting and special projects. These range from due diligence to TCO model building, fleet utilization models, and more.

Benchmark and Model Build

Numerous businesses utilize ACT’s award-winning forecast as an industry benchmark while utilizing our market data with their internal metrics to produce a custom forecast.

Insights & Analysis

Through ACT’s seminars and webinars, our team provides additional deep dives on the market. Held throughout the year, these events are considered “must-attend” for ACT clients.

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Low NOx Standards Project

Starting in 2019, ACT Research was approached to help inform organizations interested in the future of emission standards. This work helped to inform the EMA, CARB, EPA, and NREL of the science and technology opportunities and challenges in question as regulatory standards are being reviewed and decided upon for the future of transportation.

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Tortoise & Hyliion Due Diligence

In early 2020, ACT Research worked with Tortoise and Hyliion in preparation for their IPO. ACT Research completed and shared a comprehensive TCO model which was modified for the IPO.

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Nikola Due Diligence

In 2019, ACT Research was hired by Nikola to provide industry information on build, retail sales, and more to provide due diligence and preparation for their IPO.

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“I would recommend ACT Research to anyone that’s looking for in-depth insight into what’s happening in the commercial vehicle markets. The expertise and knowledge that goes into the service they provide, there’s not a better solution, in my opinion, for commercial vehicle data than ACT Research.”

Jeff Trent

Marketing Director

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