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In addition to our regular monthly and quarterly reports, ACT Research publishes white papers on different aspects of the CV industry.

Information on current and previously developed white papers are listed below. Are you looking for a commission study to help address concerns of your business? Let us know. Select the ``I want a white paper`` button below and help us understand the project you have in mind. We'll then schedule a call to discuss the possibilities of working together.

Beyond the Engine

Understanding Natural Gas Fuel Systems

Taking the Next Step

Preparing the Maintenance Shop for the Arrival of Natural Gas Fueled Trucks

NG Reality Check

Moving from Infancy to Adolescence

Private Fleet Natural Gas Case Study

Monarch Beverage’s Converting from Diesel to Natural Gas

Commercial Vehicle & Transportation Industries Of Mexico

The Diesel of Tomorrow?

The Future of Natural Gas Engines in Heavy Duty Trucks

Trucking Goes Green

The Transition from “Mandates” to “Benefits”

Transformation of the Chinese Commercial Vehicle Industry

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