ACT Research ACT Research is the leader in market data, industry analysis, and forecasting for the commercial vehicle and transportation markets. We provide a strategic view to help businesses plan for tomorrow. en-us Factors Signal a Fundamentally Weaker US Tractor Market in 2024 Wed, 20 Sep 2023 08:30:00 -0400 ACT Research As published in the latest release of the North American commercial vehicle forecast , ACT Research believes that “it’s different this time” factors are at work in 2024, and those factors will help support a fundamentally weak US tractor market. If our forecast for higher profits into the end of…. Read the full post at Freight Markets Remain Soft Amid Private Fleet Expansion Wed, 20 Sep 2023 08:00:00 -0400 ACT Research Though significant progress has been made in rebalancing, we think it’s unlikely that industry capacity will broadly tighten until pressure from capacity growth eases, which seems unlikely for the next few months, according to the latest release of the freight & transportation forecast. The monthly…. Read the full post at Pent-Up Equipment Demand Likely to Fade into Year End, Though Vocational Truck Demand Remains Strong Tue, 19 Sep 2023 03:00:00 -0400 ACT Research On continued strong build rates and seasonally weak order volumes, the Class 8 backlog fell by 11,000 units to 152,600 units. Backlog & BL/BU Ratio According to Kenny Vieth, ACT’s President and Senior Analyst, “The Class 8 backlog is likely to turn higher in the near term as 2024 order season…. Read the full post at Market Vitals: Seminar 69 Market Update Sun, 17 Sep 2023 09:00:00 -0400 ACT Research along with Steve Tam from ACT Research reflected on economics, the development of clean technology, the dealer market, pent-up demand + prebuy, and the used and medium-duty sectors. Scroll down to view the full conversation between Kirk and Steve. We know where the challenges are, and we know what…. Read the full post at Used Truck Sales Uncharacteristically High in August Thu, 14 Sep 2023 08:00:00 -0400 ACT Research ACT's Used Class 8 Retail Summary - August 2023 (Preliminary) Compared to July 2023, average retail price increased 1%, while miles and age both declined 1%. These are the exact ingredients for a rebalancing of capacity and the subsequent return to a more normal used truck market.” ACT’s Classes…. Read the full post at Half of all Commercial Vehicles will be Zero Emissions by 2040 Tue, 12 Sep 2023 08:00:00 -0400 ACT Research Rundle concluded, “By 2040 we are forecasting that adoption of ZEVs will account for just slightly above 50%—essentially half of all CVs will be zero emissions, primarily BEVs.” CHARGING FORWARD is an economic-driven, bottoms-up analysis of the North American battery and fuel cell electric vehicle…. Read the full post at Trucking Industry Forecast for 2023 Thu, 31 Aug 2023 10:00:00 -0400 ACT Research In August 2023, the rebalancing process in the US freight market is being drawn out by reluctance to part with workers and significant private fleet capacity expansion, even as pressure on fleets worsened this month as diesel prices spiked. Trucking Industry Trends Expectations for economic growth…. Read the full post at What is Freight Volume? Thu, 31 Aug 2023 09:56:00 -0400 ACT Research ACT uses the Cass Freight Index®, which measures freight volumes and expenditures, and the Truckload Linehaul Index®, a pricing indicator, to forecast freight demand. ACT For-Hire Trucking Index: Volumes The Volume Index decreased 2.5 points in July, to 42.7 (seasonally adjusted) from 45.2 in June,…. Read the full post at Class 8 Truck Sales Forecast for 2023 Mon, 21 Aug 2023 11:39:00 -0400 ACT Research While the 2024 forecasts are rising, the forecasts continue to anticipate slowing into next year, as pent-up demand for the Class 8 and trailer markets is largely consumed by the end of this year amid strong fleet growth in a weak 2023 freight demand environment. Factors Affecting Class 8 Truck…. Read the full post at Preliminary August Net Trailer Orders Remain Seasonally Soft Mon, 21 Aug 2023 08:00:00 -0400 ACT Research US Trailer Net Orders August 2023 (Preliminary) “Preliminary net orders, at 14,700 seasonally adjusted, were 6% lower sequentially,” said Jennifer McNealy, Director CV Market Research & Publications at ACT Research. The next few months should provide more illumination on the 2024 outlook, as orders…. Read the full post at What are Freight Rates? Mon, 14 Aug 2023 09:50:00 -0400 ACT Research Freight rates refer to the cost shippers pay carriers to haul their products within the truckload (TL) market. Freight rates are calculated based on many factors not limited to economic demand, fleet capacity, fuel prices, weight, size, distance, and the type of goods being shipped. It’s important…. Read the full post at Class 8 Natural Gas Truck Retail Sales Remain Fickle in Q1 Thu, 20 Apr 2023 08:30:00 -0400 ACT Research Sales of natural gas-powered vehicles were mixed in the December to February timeframe, according to the latest Alternative Fuels Quarterly by ACT Research. NG truck sales data and a forecast for new natural gas adoption are included. ACT Research is a contributor to the Blue Chip Economic…. Read the full post at The Hype and the Reality are Coming Together: NTEA Work Truck Week Recap Wed, 12 Apr 2023 16:07:00 -0400 ACT Research From alternative fuel vehicles to telematics and safety technologies, there was something for everyone at this event; with product announcements and customer conversations, Work Truck Week gave these two industry experts a chance to identify the challenges and opportunities from manufacturers,…. Read the full post at Battery Electric Truck Production Expected to Triple in 2023 Tue, 04 Apr 2023 16:03:00 -0400 ACT Research But instead of being centered in 1H’23, our current thinking aligns downturn timing with the game of chicken being played in DC around the debt-ceiling and US credit worthiness.” The NA on-highway engine forecast , published by ACT Research and Rhein Associates, highlights power-source activity for…. Read the full post at Chinese Truck Market Demand Started to Reverse Downward Trajectory in Q4’22 Tue, 04 Apr 2023 16:03:00 -0400 ACT Research While demand for heavy trucks, medium trucks, and tractors started the process of reversing their downward trajectory as the Chinese economy reopened, according to the recent release of ACT Research’s China commercial vehicle forecast. The China CV forecast , jointly published quarterly by ACT and…. Read the full post at Alternative To Diesel: H2 ICE Wed, 22 Mar 2023 10:49:00 -0400 ACT Research engineers Reduce the amount of harmful pollutants as byproducts of combustion Fuel tanks are the same and carry the same part number as the H2 tanks used for H2 FCEVs Air intake systems will be the same as for diesel and NG-fueled units Will use DEF and SCR for NOx controls The solution will not…. Read the full post at Transportation Transparency Sun, 19 Feb 2023 10:57:00 -0500 ACT Research Freight rates and volumes are directly impacted by supply and demand. Today, we're still seeing signs of "stronger for longer" rates that favor carriers, all because the supply chain issues are impacting the production of new Class 8 tractors. The current market, while exaggerated, is a microcosm…. Read the full post at Relationship Building: Class 8 Tractors & U.S. Fleet Size Sun, 19 Feb 2023 10:53:00 -0500 ACT Research Demand - Supply = Price. What is the supply or capacity, and how will that impact freight rates? Rates, or price, are a major concern to all classifications of businesses within the supply chain and logistics spectrum. To understand both demand and supply and how they’ll interact to drive price.…. Read the full post at The Truckload Cycle: Demand Drivers of Freight Sun, 19 Feb 2023 10:49:00 -0500 ACT Research The historical truckload cycle gives insights into the current truckload environment and what to anticipate as we measure the demand and supply of the freight market. If we start in a loose to roughly balanced supply-demand environment, the cycle begins with freight growth leading to tightening…. Read the full post at Why Class 8 Build & Sales Data? Sun, 19 Feb 2023 10:35:00 -0500 ACT Research fleet size and market capacity through our Class 8 tractor build and sales data. Coupling our Class 8 tractor population with industry data, like Cass and DAT, you’ll gain a more accurate view of the capacity of the freight market. Analysis In addition to recording the historical Class 8 production…. Read the full post at