American Truck Dealer Project

This project was commissioned by the American Truck Dealers (ATD), which is a division of the National Automobile Dealers Association, for the benefit of their constituents. The ATD is a legislative and regulatory advocate for the commercial vehicle industry in general and commercial dealers specifically. In addition, they serve as an educational resource and industry relations promoter.

The intent of the study was s to identify opportunities and challenges faced by ATD’s dealer members over a time horizon stretching five years and for some issues ten to fifteen years into the future.  The study identified the impacts of business consolidation (for dealers, but also customers and suppliers), and changes in technology, logistics, regulation, and workforce trends.  Ultimately the project described how the world is changing for those who sell and service commercial vehicles (dealers), downstream to those who purchase, use, replace, and dispose of commercial vehicles (customers), and upstream to those who provide product and labor (OEM’s, suppliers and employees).

We received the RFP in January 2017. The project kicked off in February, with the bulk of work being completed by the end of May. The first draft of the results was presented to the BOD in June. There were several iterations for different audiences/points-of-view, with the final study ultimately being published by ATD in booklet form for their members. The project culminated with a presentation of the finding and recommendations at the ATD’s annual meeting in March 2018.

The results of the study will serve as a roadmap for the ATD to help guild their policy and rule/lawmaking efforts, as well as provide direction on the development of curriculum subject matter for their education arm. Dealer members will use the results of the study as a roadmap of how to best position their operations for the changes they are likely to experience over the next decade.