Research Manager and Analyst

Margie Dasovich joined ACT Research in November 2018, after more than 24 years with Cummins Inc. and most recently with Cosco Home & Office Products.

In her capacity as Research Manager and Analyst, Margie will bring her vast engine industry knowledge, database experience, and customer-focused work practices to ACT’s subscribers. Her initial tasks are centered on ACT’s database development, including those related to the used truck market and the US economy, but it is anticipated that Margie’s responsibilities will expand to the management of other new and existing databases, as well.

During her two-decade-plus career at Cummins, Margie’s experience ranged from Engine Business Marketing to New & ReCon Parts and Service, working with distributors and dealers. She also has several years of experience with project management. After leaving Cummins, Margie spent three years as a Product Development Manager for Cosco Home & Office Products.

Margie holds a B.S. in Marketing from Indiana University.

Margie is a native of Columbus, IN. She is married with three children. When not working, Margie enjoys spending time with family and friends, supporting local youth activities, working in the yard, and volunteering in the community.

Margie Dasovich