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ACT Research has developed a revolutionary view of freights that will be able to help various aspects of the logistics business better forecast for the months ahead.

Freight Forecast, U.S. Rate and Volume Outlook

Freight forecasting service bridges ACT’s leadership in commercial vehicle and economic analysis and ACT’s transportation industry expertise, providing an innovative and comprehensive view of supply and demand in trucking markets. The purpose of this monthly report is to provide visibility to industry professionals across the supply chain on the future of freight transportation economics to with their planning and budgeting, and as a guide to negotiating freight rates.

What does capacity growth look like in 2019 and 2020?

What do future rates mean for future truck production?

Are you asking yourself these questions? The ACT Research Freight Forecast Report provides actionable intelligence with an unprecedented level of tactical and strategic forecast detail. We’ve placed our efforts on projecting the supply side of the freight cycle and ensuring we have a clear understanding of the pattern of supply.

  • Rate Projections

    Gain knowledge of the patterns of supply, demand, and rates, thereby increasing market transparency and facilitating decision making. Using ACT’s analysis and forecasting, businesses on all sides of the freight rate equation can plan and prepare for the next 18 months to understand swings in supply-demand balance. Our models saw the capacity crunch of 2017, accurately predicted the rollover in spot truckload rates which started in the middle of 2018 (as published in our N.A. Commercial Vehicle Outlook report), and they can help you to better understand where freight rates are headed.

  • Supply Side Knowledge

    ACT Research has been analyzing the supply-side of the freight market for over three decades. Using our foundational population modeling in conjunction with decades of supply-side research has allowed us to produce truly unique rate prediction models.

  • Truckload Cycle

    The historical truckload cycle gives insights into the current truckload sector and what to anticipate as we measure demand and supply of the freight market.

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The types of business that should be interested in the ACT Freight Rate Forecast are those businesses that are Shippers, Transportation/Logistics Providers, Investors, and Manufacturers.

With this report, you will receive Freight rate and volume forecasts for truckload, less-than-truckload, and intermodal. In-depth market analysis of capacity and demand for each segment as well as analysis of related markets including last mile and port activity. We have also included a carrier profitability analysis, and, most importantly, a guide to negotiating freight rates.  

Other businesses are using this report to inform them in preparation for business planning and budgeting. Additionally, businesses are utilizing this report for supply and demand analysis to understand freight rate outlook.

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