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ACT Research Multi-Client Commercial Vehicle Electrification Study Announced

COLUMBUS, IN – ACT Research is developing a multi-client study, to define a vision of the United States and Canada market potential for electric medium and heavy commercial vehicles stretching into the year 2035.

Advances in electrical technology for vehicle propulsion have occurred at the same time that environmental concerns have increased — as reflected in carbon-restricting regulation. These have combined to put the commercial vehicle industry on the threshold of a revolution in powertrain technology. “Momentum seems to be gaining, with important new announcements coming on a monthly, even a weekly basis,” said Jim Meil, Principal and Industry Analyst at ACT Research. He continued, “Electrical vehicles have the potential to become cost-competitive with internal combustion engines for an increasingly wide array of customer applications in the next fifteen to twenty years.”

“Commercial Vehicle Electrification: To Charge, or Not to Charge” will have several key deliverables, including a written report with text, data tables, and graphics that will feature

• Market size estimates (units) for total electric drivetrain vehicles
• Share of market
• USA and Canada geographies
• Medium duty and heavy duty vehicles USA and Canada geographies
• Forecasts by year from 2018 to 2025, then annual for 2030 and for 2035

“Participants will have the opportunity to contribute to the direction and design of the study based upon their areas of interest and needs,” noted Miel. He continued, “Personal interviews will be conducted with each participant with additional follow-up as needed. All input will be confidential.”For more information, please visit

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