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Renewable Natural gas continues to move passengers on the Big Blue Bus and at LAX

Freight Rates Expected to Fall, But Truck Production Remains at All-Time Highs

Heavy-Duty Truck Sales Off 81% in July – to Lowest Level Since 2010

ACT says heavy truck, trailer industries heading toward market correction in 2020

Ryder posts record sales and earnings across all segments

Class 8 natural gas truck retail sales up 10% M/M, 60% Y/Y, 43% YTD in May, ACT says

Natural gas truck sales rebounding

Sales of natural gas trucks rebounding

ACT Research: US trailer orders continue to recede in June

FTR and ACT: Net trailer orders in June down sharply

Natural Gas Truck Sales Are on the Rise

June Used Class 8 Prices Climb Even as Lots Grow Full

Class 8 truck demand teeters on cusp of “significant correction,” ACT says

“Significant correction” coming for Class 8 market: ACT

Is a Class 8 Truck Order Correction in the Cards?

ACT Research: Used Truck Prices Up 2% M/M, 10% YTD

ACT Research: Heavy truck and trailer industries heading for market correction in 2020

ACT Research: Class 8 market on cusp of significant correction

Truckers Wrestle With Oversupply of Big Rigs, Falling Freight Rates

June used Class 8 truck prices are up 6 percent from previous year

ACT Research: U.S. trailer net orders continued to drop in June, down 70% Y/Y & 43% YTD

More on Rush Enterprises Q2 results

Rush Enterprises, Inc. Reports Second Quarter 2019 Results, Announces $0.13 per Share Dividend

Rush 2Q Earnings, Revenue Climb on Truck Sales

Continued weakness in freight volumes leads analysts to consider recession

Small Trucking Firms See Tighter Lending Standards

ACT Research For-Hire Trucking Index: Weak Finish to Q2

Preliminary June 2019 trailer net orders down 41% from May, 69% below last year

ACT’s For-Hire Trucking Index for June shows declines

ACT Research: Industry Currently Astride Class 8 Demand Inflection

June Class 8 Sales Improve Amid Softer Freight Market

Trailer production strong, orders weak as cycles normalize

ACT Research: Industry currently astride Class 8 demand inflection

Trailer orders plummet in June

SPECIAL REPORT: Driven by Data. Proper steps to integrate data into a truck dealer or aftermarket business

ACT Research For-Hire Trucking Index: Weak finish to 2nd quarter

ACT: June 2019 Trailer Industry Preliminary Orders Down 41% from May

Contracting used truck market another sign of industry slowdown

Used Class 8 sales fell for third consecutive month

Despite slowdown in orders, Mack says market remains ‘hot’

Is Trucking in the Midst of a Freight Recession?

Medium-Duty US Retail Sales in June Fall Flat

ACT: Preliminary Used Class 8 Volumes Fall for Third Consecutive Month

ACT Research: Same dealer used truck sales down 8% in June

Hefty Fuels Savings Prompt Fleets to Replace Big Trucks

Trucking data shows signs of recession

Freight recession continues but upturn coming, ACT Research says

Class 8 market activity approaching “precipice”

ACT: Current Class 8 Market Activity Rapidly Approaching Precipice

Wall Street Week Ahead: Union Pacific, other freight co earnings eyed for tariff effects

Heavy truck market activity nearing ‘precipice’

Truck Builders, Motor Carriers Spooked by Tariffs, Slowing Economy

ACT Research: current Class 8 market activity rapidly approaching precipice

ACT Research says trucking sector is in a recession

June Class 8 truck orders rise incrementally from May

Class 8 orders still lag as tariffs cloud future

NA Medium & Heavy-Duty Volumes Rise Incrementally in June

Class 8 orders rise slightly in June, but post worst first half of year since 2010

ACT: Used Truck Prices Drop 1% M/M, Rise 10% YTD

Volvo makes record investment in Pulaski County as it builds new facility, adds 777 jobs

Volvo Trucks anticipates layoffs as industry hot streak comes to an end

Volvo makes record investment in Pulaski County as it builds new facility, adds 777 jobs

Trailer Orders in May Fall to Lowest Point in Nearly Three Years

Used Class 8 Prices Up 6% in a Year as Inventories Increase

Trailer orders down in May; June seen as pivotal month

Manufacturing Cross-Currents

Today’s Pickup: UPS seeks to kick open doors to global trade for women-owned businesses

ACT: U.S. Trailer Net Orders Drop in May, Down 54% Y/Y

ACT Research: Economy Strong, but Moderating

Trailer Orders Continue to Slide as OEMs Catch Up on Production

Despite near-record highs, Class 8 market shows signs of decline

Truckers are warning of a ‘bloodbath’ as trucking companies go bankrupt or slash their profit expectations

Class 8 market showing signs of cooling: ACT

ACT: Class 8 Measures Near-Record Highs, But Signs of Decline Appear

ACT: Class 8 cancellations surprise on low side

ACT Research: Cancellations moderate May trailer orders

ACT Research: China’s CV truck market softening; bus markets supported by demand for new energy units amid environmental concerns

ACT Research shows freight conditions plummeted in May

Freight conditions slumped in May, burdened by plummeting prices in for-hire trucking, study shows

ACT Research says Class 8 cancellations continue on low side

Rising Class 8 Sales in May Signal Demand Alive and Well

ACT: Class 8 Demand Strong, but Freight Metrics Softening

Medium-Duty Sales Rise in May, Top 22,000 Units

Preliminary used Class 8 volumes fell again in May

Used truck volumes fall 14% month-over-month in May

Used truck sales dropped 14 percent in May, down 22 percent from a year earlier (with video)

ACT: Preliminary Used Class 8 Volumes Fall M/M, Y/Y & YTD in May

Trucking industry volumes less than usual, driver pay continues to rise

Class 8 build rate: When change comes, it’s likely to come fast

ACT Research: When Change Comes, It Is Likely to Come Fast

ACT Forecast: Possible Short-Term Pre-Ships to Off-Set Future Tariffs

Class 8 orders drop to smallest total in nearly 3 years

May Class 8 Orders Plummet to Nearly Three-Year Low

May was the weakest month for Class 8 orders since July 2016

ACT: NA Medium & Heavy-Duty Volumes Drops 70% Y/Y in May

Backlogs Send Heavy-Duty Truck Orders Plummeting to 3-Year Low

Bharat Forge slips 1% after North America Class 8 truck orders

Two-Front Trade War Could Create Double Trouble for Trucking

May Was a Frigid Month for Class 8 Truck Orders

U.S. trailer orders easing, production remains robust, ACT Research says

Trailer order cancellations on the rise

ACT: Class 8 Production to Grow in 2019, Ease in 2020

Today’s Pickup: Costco lags in online grocery delivery

ACT: US trailer orders easing, but production remains robust

Trailer Orders Slow Down but Production Nears All-Time Highs

Freight Recession v Rate Recession

April Trailer Orders Surprise

Class 8 Truck Production to Taper Off By the End of 2019

Trailer orders continue down swing, but trend not sign of problem

ACT: Class 8 engine production to grow before drop late in 2019

April Used Class 8 Prices Climb; Dealers Wary of Slowdown

ACT Research: Used Truck Prices Rise 12% YTD; Unit Sales Drop 16% YTD

ACT Research: U.S. Trailer Orders Drop in April, Down 23% Y/Y

ACT: Economy Strong, But Trade Uncertainty a Moderating Force

Used Class 8 sales fall in April

Class 8 measures are at cycle highs, trailer orders are weak, ACT Research reports

U.S. trailer orders continue to drop in April, ACT Research says

ACT Research: Used truck prices up 6% month-over-month

Freight Market Shifts into Lower Gear

Trailer demand softening

April trailer orders down from March, ACT Research

ACT Research: April trailer orders at 14,500 units

ACT says trailer order volume soft in second straight month

ACT: For-Hire Trucking Index Pricing Index Drops Considerably

ACT: April 2019 Trailer Industry Net Orders Down 38% Y/Y

Class 8 backlog ‘remains jam-packed’ as freight growth stagnates: ACT

One Size Doesn’t Fit All: How Commercial Electric Vehicles Present Unique Challenges For Charging Infrastructure

ACT Research: Used Class 8 Volumes Fall 16% Y/Y

Trucker rates expected to fall

Today’s Pickup: Amazon breaks ground on Kentucky air hub; where will the next Uber will come from?

Trucking Industry Threatened by Escalating U.S.-China Trade War

ACT: Preliminary used Class 8 volumes fell M/M, Y/Y and YTD in April

Trucking Industry Hits the Doldrums with Neutral Economic Outlook

ACT Research: Trucker profitability expected to roll over in 2nd half of year

 Freight market continues to slump as hot truck sales add capacity

Likelihood of freight recession increasing: ACT

Today’s Pickup: Colombian logistics boom

RUSH ENTERPRISES INC \TX\ filed on Fri, May 10 10-Q Form

Second Quarter 2019 Survey of Professional Forecasters

ACT: Slow Freight and Fast Tractor Sales Pressure Rate Outlook for May


Suppliers Take Path to Alternative Powertrains

Freight demand softens, second half of 2019 a ‘wild card’

ACT says slow freight, fast tractor sales pressuring rate outlook

April Class 8 orders down sharply year-over-year, data show

Warehouse Hiring Surges on Rising E-Commerce Demand

Warehouse Hiring Surges on Rising E-Commerce Demand

ACT: NA Class 8 Orders Dip from March to April, Hit 31-Month Low

ACT: Class 8 Natural Gas Truck Sales Down 12% YTD

U.S. Trailer Orders Drop 48% Y/Y in March, 36% YTD

ACT Research data indicates stagnating freight growth

Economy continues to cool, but danger of full freight recession dims, ACT says

Rush’s Aftermarket Gains Lift 1Q Results

ACT Research: Strength in commercial vehicle industry varies by sector

Weekly Freight Market Update: Quarter End Scramble

Schneider says it will use its assets to enhance middle mile capabilities

Preliminary Used Class 8 Volumes Jump 25% M/M in March

Truck drivers see orders, miles fall in most recent U.S. stoppage flag

Caminhoneiros dos EUA veem queda das cargas em sinal de desaceleração econômica


March Trailer Orders Fall

ACT Research: Freight Recession Possible, Rate Recession Likely

Bibby Financial study reveals predictive maintenance concerns

Q1 Truck Orders Plunge as Industry Works Down Backlog

Strong start to the stock market in April – third day in a row

Orders for new Class 8 trucks dip below 16,000

ACT Research: NA Class 8 Orders Drop Significantly in March Y/Y

ACT Research: Used Truck Prices Rose 2% M/M in February; Sales Fell 7%

Chinese CV Truck Market Softening Amid Environmental Concerns

China’s CV Truck Market Softening, Bus Markets Flat

ACT Research: Trailer Orders Drop in February, Down 29% Y/Y

ACT: U.S. Trailer Orders Continued to Drop in February, Down 29% Y/Y

Trailer orders down 9 percent from January, ACT says

Current Class 8 Orders See Big Backlogs

Truck Trailer Orders Down Again In February, But Analysts Predict Another Record Year

ACT Research Says Commercial Vehicle Industry is Solid

NA Class 8 Orders Rebound Modestly from January to February

Global freight carriers, shippers remain positive on 2019; trucking industry faces possible rate recession

Trucking Conditions Worsen In January And Predicted To Be “High Point” For 2019

Class 8 truck orders quiet in February

GAO: Federal agencies should take additional steps to prepare for potential workforce effects of self-driving trucks


Oil, Gas Companies Aim to Curb Truck Order Backlog

ACT, FTR report 5 percent monthly increase in Class 8 orders

J.D. Power says new truck boom cycle almost certainly in rear-view mirror

Class 8 engine production expected to continue growth trend

ACT Research Predicts Continued Class 8 Production Growth in 2019

Trailer orders softening, but not for lack of demand

ACT Research Says Class 8 Production to Grow in 2019

Trailer Orders Are Down but Demand Isn’t to Blame

Huge Backlog Slows Trailer Orders to Start 2019

ACT: Industry books 25,800 net trailer orders in January

Truck Recalls Exceed Sales, Year In And Year Out

ACT Research: Freight rates and trucker profits pressured In 2019

ACT Research Suggests Caution for U.S. Economy, Commercial Vehicle Industry

Rush Enterprises, Inc. Reports Fourth Quarter and Year-End 2018 Results and Declares Quarterly Cash Dividend

What Electric Vehicle Adopters Can Learn from Natural Gas Fleets

Class 8 Truck Orders Get Off to Slow Start in 2019

Class 8 Heavy Truck Orders Crash 68% in January

North American Class 8 Heavy Truck Orders Collapse 68% in January

Nightly Business Report – February 4, 2019

Follow the links to the transcript of the Night Business Report story which featured Kenny Vieth of ACT Research discussing the state of the commercial vehicle marketing and the cycle of demand.