Frequently Asked Questions

Not finding what you are looking for? Check out our list of FAQ's to answer your questions. Still not seeing what you need? Chat with us in the chat box.

What Payment Types Do You Take?

We auto-draft from accounts and take all major credit cards. Unless you have gold bars. We take those too.

How Will I Know A New Report Is Available?

Nice question. We send emails to inform you when a new report is available for you to access. Keep an eye out for us in your inbox.

How Do I Add Someone To My Account?

We can help you with this. Making sure your team is informed in important for your business. We allow for 4 users on an account per business. If you need to add a user click HERE. If you aren’t sure how many people are on your account click HERE.

Additional users over 4 is an investment of another $75 per person per year.

Can I Get A Sample Report?

We love to give sample reports. Click HERE to download one for your use.

How Do I Add Reports To My Account?

Good question. Click HERE to let us know which reports you’d like to add.

Can I Get An Invite To The Seminar?

We’d love to have you attend! No invite needed, just register HERE.

Having Trouble Accessing Your Account?

We’ve got you covered. Click HERE.

Can I Get Help Finding The Right Report For Me?

Of course! Just click HERE and we’ll be able to help you out.

How Do I Subscribe?

Great question! You can subscribe by clicking HERE and filling out the form, selecting the reports you’d like to receive.