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ACT Research has it's finger-on-the-pulse of transportation and commercial vehicle markets including market data, industry analysis, and forecasts.

ACT Research has it’s “finger-on-the-pulse” of the commercial vehicles industry like few others. As the trusted partner of LMC Automotive and the Chinese State Information Center, and contributor to the Blue Chip Financial and Wall Street Journal Consensus Economic Forecast, we provide keen insights on benchmarks, market share analysis, short and long term strategic planning, capacity planning because of our deep understanding of the vehicle demand cycle. As a contributor to the Blue Chip Financial, ACT was awarded the 2019 Lawrence R. Klein Award Winner for the most accurate economic forecast from 2015-2018.

Below you will find a listing of the type of reports we produce and where our expertise lies. Click on any of the report types to get more insights into the product and its value.

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North American Class 8 Market

Tractors (Sleepers, Daycabs), Trucks

North American Classes 5-7 Market

Trucks, Buses, RV's, Step Vans

U.S. Trailers and Intermodal Equipment Markets

Economic Analysis and Forecasting

Used Truck Market Classes 3-8

Commercial Vehicle Industry Forecasting and Analysis

Consultations and Special Projects

Helping your business answer the hard questions.

Transportation Industry Analysis

Publicly Traded Truckload, LTL Carriers Intermodal market

China Commercial Vehicle Market

Heavy-Duty Trucks and Tractors, Medium-Duty Trucks, Large and Medium Buses

Global Commercial Vehicle OEMs and Markets

Freight Rate Forecast

Understanding the Pattern of Supply

Subject Matter Speakers

Understanding of the market with our team of speakers.