This report covers:

    • Quarterly and annual financial data for 14* publicly traded carriers, as reported to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.
    • Data from 2002 to the present.
    • Published quarterly:
      • Q1- mid-May
      • Q2 – end of August
      • Q3- mid-November
      • Q4 – end of March

Password protected website contains current and historical data in an Excel spreadsheet and a graph package in PowerPoint.

The Publicly Traded For-Hire Truckload Carriers Database also contains segment detail in cases where companies have more than one segment in order to compare operations as consistently as possible. Note that not all carriers report all statistics. Where necessary and possible, we have derived or modeled missing data points.

*Celadon, Covenant, Daeske, Heartland, JB Hunt, Knight-Swift, Landstar, Marten, PAM, Schneider, Universal Truckload Service, USA Truck, US Xpress, and Werner.

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