Ken Vieth
Senior Partner and General Manager

Kenny Vieth

President and Senior Analyst

Steve Tam

Vice President

Jim Meil
Principal, Industry Analysis

Frank Maly

Director – CV Transportation Analysis and Research

Donavan Gerken

Director – Marketing, Sales & Consulting

Jennifer McNealy

Research Analyst

Debby Steinbarger
Office Manager

Brian Armstrong
Data Development & Graphics Manager

Donald Kahoun

Sam Kahan
ACT Research, Chief Economist
Principal, Kahan Consulting, Ltd.

Bob Perkins
ACT Research, Senior Global Business Consultant

Thomas Czapka
ACT Research, Senior Business Consultant

Ronald Sucik
ACT Research, Senior Intermodal Advisor
Principal, RSE Consulting

Drew Laing
ACT Research, Senior Advisor Alternative Fuels

Business Advisory Board

Peter Nesvold
ACT Research, Business Advisory Director
Managing Director, Silver Lane Advisors

Michael Roeth
ACT Research, Senior Technology Advisor
Principal, Roeth, LLC – Green Initiatives